Advanced 3D Modelling

3D modelling, parametric modelling and computational geometry analysis to the facade construction and wider building industry

For the 3D modelling team within MFS Digital 3D digital models represent essential tools being used to perform advanced geometrical analyses and optimisations - a typical example of which would be the use of 3D and parametric modelling on highly complex freeform and double curved building facades resulting in modulation rationalisations which ultimately lead to buildable facade componentry which can also be practically manufactured. These processes ultimately result in geometrically complex buildings being built due to the cost benefits being realized from these analyses techniques. Multiple software platforms are used to process existing models of many file formats or to develop new digital models if necessary. Models are usually created as intelligent and parametrical objects often using computational design methods. Models can be additionally enhanced by the integration of laser scanned models of the built environment condition according to client requirements.
Building and processing of 3D digital models is closely interwoven with other MFS Digital company services such as development of facade system models and also BIM support and implementations. We also currently combine modern technologies such as virtual reality, architectural rendering/ visualisations and 3D printing with our 3D modelling skills in order to add additional value in the services we can offer our Clients.

Typical services we provide to our Clients include the following:

Development of 3D models to a range of detail levels (LOD 100 - LOD 500)
Fabrication modelling
Advanced geometrical analyses
Geometrical optimisations
Software interoperability and data exchanges
Laser scanning
Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing
Development of BIM object libraries, Revit Families
Research & Development, development of scripts and software extensions
Software capabilities in SketchUp, Revit, Inventor, 3ds Max, Maya, SolidWorks, Tekla, Digital Project (Catia), Solid Edge, Rhinoceros, ArchiCAD

Building Information Modelling

Overall BIM coordination and support in BIM process implementation

Building Information Modelling, BIM, represents an innovative and highly beneficial approach in all segments of the building process including design, construction and end user/ facility management. In addition to geometrical information, BIM focused 3D models can include detailed information from design, materiality, source, numerical data, maintenance data etc about all building components from the external skin to the internal finishes and all areas in between. Furthermore BIM focused 3D models can include extensive information about the building itself, its functionality and the management processes being used to run the building efficiently resulting in huge benefits for the facility management.
As an Autodesk Certified Professional company MFS Digital provides a portfolio of Autodesk software training including Revit for users of all experience levels and development of parametrical object libraries for Autodesk Revit, i.e. Revit Families according to the specific requirements of our clients.

Typical services we provide to our Clients include the following:

Definitions of Employer's Information Requirements (EIRs), BIM Execution Plans (BEPs)
Support for developers, architects and general contractors during BIM implementations
BIM project coordination
Autodesk Revit training
BIM libraries development, Revit Families for Autodesk Revit

Facade Consultancy

Specialist consultancy focused on facade systems design and development

MFS Digital, in close cooperation with our sister company Murphy Facade Studio, provides facade consultancy services to architects, property developers and general contractors who are focused on the design and development of building facades in commercial, residential, cultural and hospitality industry segments. Our consultancy services can be provided during all project stages beginning with conceptual design right through to project construction completion.
Utilizing some of the worlds leading software design tools and technologies, we are also able to provide BIM & 3D modelling, parametric modelling and computational geometry analysis to the building facade industry's most technical and geometrically challenging projects. These projects, involving varying levels of dimensional, material and design complexity, have utilised both bespoke design solutions and proprietary system technology. The range of facade types encompass curtain walling, structural glazing, punch glazing, rainscreen systems, steel and glass constructions and incorporate a wide range of material usage such as glass, aluminium, stainless steel, bronze, bronze alloy, natural stone, precast, solid surface, terracotta and GRC materials amongst others.

Typical services we provide to our Clients include the following:

Concept design and design development of project facade solutions
2D and 3D project design & BIM modelling using virtual reality techniques
Materials consultancy and testing advice
Thermal analyses including U-value and condensation risk analysis
Parametric modelling and computation geometry analyses
Performance based specification documents
Procurement strategy, tender advice and tender review
Sub-contractor design review
Performance testing reviews
Manufacturing & installation reviews

Virtual Reality and Visualisations

Complex project solutions in virtual reality and architectural visualisations

Virtual reality as a technology enables our Clients to experience the physical presence of their buildings in the virtual environment. Using VR dedicated hardware and software tools, as an alternative or complimentary to physical mock-ups or show rooms users can be surrounded by the project and understand the design intent without need to understand the technical project documentation. Virtual Reality is a simple, intuitive and efficient means of presentation allowing for a fast understanding of the project or element design intent. Based on these capabilities virtual reality offers precise information about the project during preconstruction phases. The digital model can be also enhanced and placed into the existing environment created by laser scanning.

Typical services we provide to our Clients include the following:

Design verification prior to construction
Model walk through & fly through presentations
Ability to achieve real-time model updates
Possibility to place the model into existing environment, interoperability with laser scanning
Integration of environmental modelling e.g. lighting and shading simulations
VR model performance on mobile devices
Building and processing of 3D digital models of different file formats: SketchUp, Revit, Inventor, 3ds Max, Maya, SolidWorks, Tekla, Digital Project (Catia), Solid Edge, Rhinoceros, ArchiCAD



MFS Digital Limited provides specialist 3D modelling, facade design and consultancy services to the building industry's most technically and geometrically challenging projects.
Alongside our sister company Murphy Facade Studio we offer the complete range of facade engineering and design consultancy services from project inception right through to the post-construction building asset/ facility management phase.
Our design focused approach in the fields of facade engineering, advanced 3D modelling, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Virtual Reality services, led by company principals Lukas Romanczin and Neil Murphy, is based on almost 40 years combined facade engineering, 3D modelling, manufacturing, contracting and design consultancy experience utilising some of the world's leading software design tools and technologies.
Our client base is typically architects, developers, general contractors and building owners and our unique approach can start with technical hand sketches of early stage facade design concepts and can finish with a detailed BIM Asset model of the constructed facade.